About Us

The Craft Collective Team

My name is Annelie, also know as Annie. I have been crafting since I was a small child. From making doll houses from cardboard boxes to pottery I love all things craft. In 2015 I moved from my home town Lincoln to beautiful Cornwall and set up my home in Redruth with my brilliant boyfriend and my cat Buster.
Quickly after moving to Redruth I started my own small craft business, which I still run today, its called Make with Annie, and I create craft kits to make Rag Dolls and felt brooches. I started working at different Craft Fairs around the county and meeting some amazing people making amazing products. Craft Fairs are a wonderful way of meeting people and making connections, and this gave me the idea for The Craft Collective Blog which had its first post back in November 2015 and is still running now.
The Blog covers all ranges of craft topics, from how to register with HMRC to how to make a bangle. And not only does it have some brilliant articles, it’s written by more than one person. I have invited all crafts people to submit their work to us, for free, we will edit the work and publish it for them, creating publicity for them and for us at the same time.
If you want to join in then send us your submission today!
The idea for The Craft Collective shop came to me long before I started a craft business or a blog. I was holidaying in Redruth with family in 2015, before we moved here, and talking to my sister in law about how I had always thought that it would be great to have a community space to learn to knit from other knitters or take a little workshop in needle felting. Perhaps have a cup of tea whilst reading a book and browsing some great craft books and products. She told me that Redruth needed something like that, a shop that also helped the local community and developed arts and culture in the local area.
Rob Harrison is co-owner of The Craft Collective, he is the tech guru, handy man. His really day job is as a computer programmer and sound engineer, but he can also often be found manning the counter at The Craft Collective.
The Craft Collective opened it’s doors on 4th June 2016 and is a growing and developing business. In March 2017 we added a new member of the team with our new co-owner Jenny.
Jenny Watt has been a long time friend and supporter of The Craft Collective and in her spare time, when she is not raising two beautiful boys she is also designer and co-owner of the up cycled skateboard company Sew Watt. You can still find her products in the shop.
The next stage of The Craft Collective story is now growing ………..