Annie’s Top Christmas Picks

Annie is the owner, founder and manager of The Craft Collective and has been at the helm since it’s opening in 2016. Over the years Annie has become a familiar face to everyone who shops in The Craft Collective and once boasted that she knew the price of every item in the shop… I’m not sure thats true anymore.. but here is Annie with her top picks of the best Handmade gifts Cornwall has to offer.

For Her

Mabel Me Candles £9

Annie Says; These candles by Mabel Me are just gorgeous, the scents are created with essential oils, so each candle had a therapeutic nature to it,  as well as smelling devine.

For Him

Cornerstone Craft Engine House from £25

Annie Says; I really love the tactile nature of these wooden engine houses by Alex of Cornerstone Crafts. All made for local reclaimed wood and created using the natural bark to give each piece an incredibly unique look

Stocking Filler

Lost Post Stamped Rings £6

Annie Says; I have one of these, my nieces and nephews have one of these, and they make the best stocking fillers or all ages with their beautiful hand stamped positive words.

For the Home

Ceramics by Carolin Hanelt from £7

Annie Says; I love all Carolin’s work and could never pick just one item. Her choice of colours based on the Cornish sea is so stunning that might be why I keep buying so much of it.

Art Work

Hudson & Jo Seed Heads £16

Annie Says; Everyone has that gift that they would love to be bought but no one has, this is mind. I love the black wire on the white, it reminds me my own scratchy artwork.. Just stunning.


Jimagination Creations Engine House £4.50

Annie Says; This best selling decoration is perfect to adorn any Cornish persons tree any year. Nadelik Lowen meaning Merry Christmas in Cornish..

Christmas Cards

Danielle Butler £3.50

Annie Says; Whose up for the annual Christmas day/boxing day dip? With so many of them happening go join in and have some fun… or be like me and just buy the card, give it to the cold water swimmer in your lie and then enjoy being warm.


Rosie Top Christmas Picks

Staff member Rosie has been working at The Craft Collective for about two years as our Saturday person, but she has really been with us since day one, as chief lunch supplier and shelf painter as we built the shop to what it is today. Rosie took a few minutes out of her day to let you know some of her favourite handmade Christmas gifts.

For Her

Mystic Flora Earrings from £15

Rosie Says; I love these big sparkly earrings, they are perfect for festive parties

For Him

The Cornish Gnome Ansum Mug £12

Rosie says; Big enough for a proper builders tea

Stocking Filler

Danielle Butler Moonllight Mermaid Tail £15

Rosie Says; Every knows or is a coldwater swimmer and this would make the perfect stocking filler for them

For the Home

Puffin Lampshades from £18

Rosie Says; I love these matching lampshade, they’d work brilliantly in a childs bedroom or for anyone who loves these special birds

Art Work

Eileen Jacobs Boat House £75

Rosie Say; This piece or artwork is so tactile- the needle felt medium fits so beautifully with the sleepy subject 0 a hark back to lazy summer days.


Handmade by Moi Robin Heart £6.50

Rosie Says; This delicate glass robin heart captures that Christmas feeling and you can also mix and match with the rest of her range.

Christmas Cards

Jake Tyler Cards £2.50 each

Rosie Says; I LOVE VWs, so these are perfect for me!! Also come in compostable packing so better for the environment too.

Rachel’s Top Christmas Picks

Staff member Rachel has been working at The Craft Collective for over a year and is enjoying her second Christmas at the shop. She has been looking through the  amazing products we have in stock and selecting some of her top picks for a very special handmade Christmas this year. Why not see what she is recommending this year.

For Her

Enamelled silver necklace – Sinead’s Silver Design £70

Rachel says: I love this enamelled necklace by Sinead, the blues of the enamelled glass on the silver disc reminds me of the sea

For Him

Mucky Mens Soap – Sapooni £5

Rachel Says: Living with a product grooming lover these are really excellent quality gifts and they smell amazing.

Stocking Filler

Gemstone Earrings and Rings – Absolutely Wired from £4

Rachel Says: These gorgeous gemstone pieces of jewellery are beautiful, affordable and great to mix and match.


For the Home

Wooden Cheese Wedges – GT Woodshop £30

Rachel Says; GT Woodshop work is is beautiful, natural and wonderfully made. Fab to serve Christmas party food on,  a  really niece piece.

Art Work

Redruth Railway – Lucky Everett £50

Rachel Says: I love Lucky’s style, capturing Redruth at its most beautiful


Glass Tree on driftwood – Glass by the Sea £7

Rachel Says; I love a freestanding decoration at Christmas, I can put these in front of fairy lights or candles to add an extra sparkle

Christmas Cards

Glass Cards – Handmade by Moi £4.50

Rachel Says: These beautiful cards by Moi double as a card and then as a gift, as you can remove the glass decoration and hang it on the tree.


100 Houses Redruth

In 2019 I decided to take part in an Instagram challenge called 100 days. It was a challenge that you set for yourself to create something every day for 100 days. Everyone said it was really hard to finish it and I thought, well I love a challenge! So I decided that I would paint a different house in Redruth every day for 100 days.

I had been watercolour painting for a couple of years at this point and I was hooked, it had taken over the house, but I didn’t feel like I had any focus with my work, and everything I painted looked like someone else’s style, not mine. What I hoped to gain from painting houses each day was to develop my own style.

What I created was a beautiful snapshot of the colours of Redruth, the muted greys and browns of the old miners cottages, the large luxury of the houses on Clinton Road and the Spanish influences in buildings on green lane.

100 houses was never created with the intention to become anything more than some tiny 3 inch paintings in a book but it took over and became cards, prints and a tea towel.

The original work hung on the walls of The Craft Collective for the months of 2020 we were open and is now safely packed away in an air tight box in the hope that the work won’t fade or be damaged. But you can still buy prints and tea towels from the shop and online.

Top tips for getting ready for Christmas!

Yes, It might still be October, but as the penultimate pay day before Christmas approaches for many of us it is time to start making some plans.

For me we are hoping for a brilliant family Christmas so there is a lot to prepare for.



Sleeping arrangements

Wet day activities

Dry day activities

So I thought I would share some of my top tips for being prepared for Christmas.

Keep it simple

Every year I see food blogs and tv shows showing me how to spend 4 hours making beautiful breads and cakes that look divine, and takes ages and cost money. So my motto is keep it simple with food. I buy my Christmas cake from a  local bakery, I get amazing artisan bread from Baker Toms, (they do stollen too!!!) I order my turkey from the Butchers and my pigs in blankets and my boxing day ham! And my veg box form the farmers market just outside the village. It’s brilliant, its quick and it’s simple.

Shop Local


This is a biggie, shopping local this year is going to be even more important as so many products may end up in short supply, stuck at customs or costing more money than before. Shops like The Craft Collective support over 60 different local artists and makers and have a huge variety of amazing products in store. From stunning silver jewellery and gorgeous ceramics, artisan soaps and candles, and much much more that you just wouldn’t find in a traditional shop, it’s more than worth  visit. Not only are you supporting a high street business and the 60 micro businesses inside but your keeping your carbon footprint low as the products are UK created so the supply chain is short and better for the environment.

A trip to the woods

Take a visit to Tehidy Woods, Portreath, Cornwall over the festive period and enjoy an immersive wonderland walk through the woodlands as the performers of the Rogue Theatre perform around you. Ending in the tent with old man winter, a hot chocolate and a wonderful magical play.

Tickets aren’t yet on sale but keep your eyes on their website for full details. It really is one not to miss.

We took our nephew niece and friends kids last year and it was a great way to spend some festive time together and we loved it just as much as the kids did.

Remember to wear your wellies, coats, scarves and gloves as it gets a little chilli.

Craft day

Plan in a fabulous craft day for the whole family. Book a session at a local pottery Painting cafe like starglazers in Falmouth. Where you can even order a paint at home kit!

So here’s to hoping you all have a super 2021 Christmas and remember! . Keep it simple and shop local!

Craft Project: Knitted Poppy

With Remembrance Sunday close and in many of our thoughts why not knit your own this year. You can wear your knitted poppy with pride and even make them for friends and family and donate the money with your local poppy seller


  • Red Double Knit Yarn
  • 4mm Knitting Needles
  • Black Button
  • Brooch Back
  • Wool Needle


  • K = knit
  • P = Purl
  • SS1K1PSSO = slip stitch 1 stich, knit the next stitch then pass the slipped stitch back over the knit stitch
  • st = Stitch
  • K2TOG = Knit 2 stitches together


Step 1

Cast on 74 st

Step 2

K1, *K4, P4, repeat from * to the last st, P1

Repeat 3 more time

Step 3

K1, *K1, SS1K1PSSO, K1, P4. Repeat from * to last st, P1

K1, *K1, SS1K1PSSO, K1, P3. Repeat from * to last st, P1


Step 4

K1, *K2TOG. Repeat to last st, P1

Repeat once more

Step 5

Cut  a long tail and thread the needle. Run the needle and tail through the st on the knitting needle taking them off the knitting needle.

Pull the thread to gather the centre of the poppy and stitch together to secure.

Using mattress stitch technique sew the edges together

Step 6

Using the red yarn sew the black button into the middle of one side of the poppy

Step 7

Using the red yarn sew the brooch back onto the back of the poppy

Tips: You can use the same tail of yarn to gather the poppy, sew the edge, attached the button and the brooch back.

Interview with the Maker: Cornwall on Camera

Father of four Marcus started his photography business just two years ago and we managed to find a few minutes in his busy life to have a chat about his work.



Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a landscape photographer concentrating on the beauty and diversity of the Cornish landscape from sunsets and seascapes, moorland and beaches to our ancient sites and the remains of Cornwall’s industrial past, as long as it’s in Cornwall and it interests me I’ll photograph it.

How did you get started as a photographer?

I’ve always had an interest in photography I can remember as a child playing with a camera that had belonged to a great uncle, it no longer worked but I was fascinated with it, all through my childhood I always had a camera and I’ve always loved taking photos so when in 2017 I was made redundant I decided to seize the opportunity and try to do something with the photography and so Cornwall on Camera was born.

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes in many forms, as a proud Cornishman I have a strong connection to my cultural heritage and a deep love for my homeland and it is from this that I draw my inspiration, Cornwall has such a diverse landscape that there’s always something new to be found and especially so in familiar locations the challenge for me as a photographer is to find it….there is beauty wherever you look, you just have to look. 

What is the biggest challenge that you face as an artist and how do you overcome it?

The biggest challenge for me is in actually making an income from my work, as fantastic as a nicely framed photo on the wall is its a luxury item and not a necessity as a result of this there is a need to branch out into other products and services such as running a workshop or finding new ways to supply my images, it’s a challenge but I do love a challenge.


What is next for Cornwall on Camera?

Next up is to continue building my portfolio of images, increase my product range, prints, greetings cards etc and I’m currently looking into supplying canvas prints I’m also looking to take on some commission work and maybe….just maybe in the future run the occasional tour or workshop. 

Interview with the Maker: Lost Post

With her amazing brand and eye for something a little bit special creative Carriann Featherbe is the owner and creator of Lost Post and we grabbed her for a couple of minutes to answer a few questions.

1. Tell us about what you make?I repurpose cutlery I’ve collected over the years into wearable jewellery, as well as metal stamping pieces to make special keepsakes and gifts. I handstamp cuff bracelets, ring and keyrings and offer a variety of items that can be customised for any purpose or occasion.


2. How did you get started?

LostPost started 5 years ago. I had finished my A-levels and had a summer before I started my Art Foundation at College. I was deep in the creative process experimenting with laminate art,. paper cutting and making various collages out of found and collected materials.

At this time i was also writing letters to people around the world and collecting vintage items. I began using my vintage typewriter in my work and packaging and realised I loved the aesthetic. LostPost is not just one thing, its a collective of interests and it all stems from my love of old, lost and forgotten things.

I collected spoons for many years before finally realising they could be made into usable items, instead of sat in a jar on my desk where I occasionally looked at them in wonderment. It was then that I realised I needed something to use them for and bought my first Dremel. It’s all grown out of trial and error and a love of pretty durable wares.

3. Where did the name LostPost come from?

I can’t remember exactly why I chose this name. I do remember opening a notebook and writing a page of names that seemed the fit the feeling of vintage, nature and the feeling you get when you receive a package in the post. A wonderment of what’s contained inside. I guess I was trying to find a name that fit the feeling when you open your post, and its something you didn’t expect (whether a gift or forgotten order) LostPost seemed to fit that feeling.


4. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a wide range of things, mostly the ever growing knowledge of patterns and designs of vintage items, the attention to detail and durability of these old items. They feel loved and age well. That inspires me to create items that continue to have a use and are just as beautiful. I’m inspired by the Reuse Reduce Recycle movement and being able to be conscious about waste.

5. What is coming next for LostPost?

I have my first ever 2 day event coming up in late November, a couple more Christmas Fairs, but most importantly… new products.

I’ve been working a lot of how vintage cutlery can be worn further. I’ve made the move into earrings, and my most favourite ‘spoon rings’ which is an exciting time and has been something I’d hoped to do from the very fist time I picked up a spoon with the intention of turning it into something.

So exciting things ahead!!

Shop online Now Lost Post 

Craft Project: Paper Flowers

Create your own beautiful paper flowers in this months super simple craft project.


  • Selection of paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Scissors
  • Round template
  • Kebab Skewers
  • Glue Gun


Step 1

Draw around your circle template onto three layers of paper

Step 2

Cut out the circles

Step 3

Cut through the three layers of circles making a spiral

Step 4

Starting from the outer edge begin rolling the spiral in on itself

Step 5

Add glue to the base and use the past part of the spiral to create a base and secure

Step 6

Use a pin to create a hole in the base of the flower

Step 7

Poke the end of the skewer into the hole

Congratulations you’ve created your first flower.

Now go make a whole bunch!!!



The Craft Collective Anniversary

Happy Birthday to us!

Last week saw us celebrate our third birthday as a business. Where did those three years go? The day that we opened our doors I had no idea what to expect? I was so nervous and excited and had arranged for our then Mayor Henry Biscoe and the President of the Redruth Chamber of Commerce to come and open our new venture. To my utter delight the West Britton even sent a photographer, and by 11am as the Mayor cut the ribbon and offically opened the shop we had a crowd of well wishers, and new customers outside. I loved every minute of that day.

Opening with (left to right) Deborah Reeve, Manny Hernandez, Rob Harrison (owner) Annelie Wood (owner) Henry Biscoe, Alison Biscoe

Our first sale

Since that opening day we have grown from strength the strength, and had some truly memorable moments, with record breaking sales, finalists in the  Muddy Stiletto Awards for the last two years and some amazing community events. It was always our aim to create a business that was community focused. We wanted to give the community in our area an opportunity to sell their creative makes in a high street location, but also to give them the control over what they sell and how much they sell for. We opened the doors and invited them in and wow hasn’t it just worked so well.

Our Late Night Christmas Event

Make and Take Sessions

We are overwhelmed with the support our community has given us in the last three years and can not thank them enough.

Take a look at some of the images from our three years here in Redruth.



Heres to the next three years!!!