Join us!

If you’re interested in renting a space in our shop then all we ask is that you complete our new stockists application form and attach some photos and send us links to your social media pages.

Spaces in the shop start from £38 a calendar month and we take 0% commission on sales.  So you get paid the full amount back to you.*

In order for products to be considered for the shop they must meet the following requirement;

  • All products must be handmade/hand designed by you
  • Products for sale must not be in breach of any copyright laws
  • Products must adhere to any legal regulations – hallmarked,  CE testing, warning labels, pat tested etc. If unsure please speak to trading standards about what regulations you need to meet.

Products found in breach of any legal requirements will immediately be removed from sale. You will be advised of this.

New Stockists Application Form word

New Stockists Application Form

You can also contact us on our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list.

Terms and Conditions

You the stockist will be responsible for the following;

  1. Delivery of stock to The Craft Collective LTD, 90 Fore Street, Redruth, TR15 2BP
  2. Provide a full list of delivered stock, with descriptions and prices
  3. Provide correct and up to date contact details for you the stockist
  4. To pay required amount for the rental of display space, on the date below or before. Inadvance.
  5. To give one months notice to vacate your space in the shop. Failure to give notice or ifnotice is given on or after rent payment date will mean that rent is due for that month.
  6. Failure to pay rent will create a debt payable by the stockist to The Craft Collective, stock will not be returned to stockist unless debt is payed. The Craft Collective maychoose to take 30% of sales until rent is paid.
  7. To remove stock from the shop once notice period has ended, unless alternativearrangements are agreed upon in advance
    1. Stockthatisnotcollectedonthedatespecifiedwillberemovedfromtheshelvesorcontinue to be sold at 30% commission basis until collected/returned to stockist.
    2. Distancestockistsareresponsibleforcoveringthecostofreturningproductsbypost to themselves at the end of their contract

8. Stock must meet the following requirement;

  1. Allproductsmustbehandmade/handdesigned
  2. Productsforsalemustnotbeinbreachofanycopyrightlaw.
  3. Products must adhere to any legal regulations – hallmarked, CE testing, warninglabels, pat tested etc. If unsure please speak to trading standards about what regulations you need to meet.

We the proprietor will be responsible for;

  1. Noting all stock entering the premises, and recording on a stock listing
  2. Keeping records of all sales, and monies owned to the tenant
  3. Ensuring money is paid to the tenant at the end of each month, minus any cardtransaction fee’s
  4. Ensuring that the shop is safe and secure and fully insured to cover all products within.
  5. The Craft Collective LTD will be staffed at least five days a week, from 10am until atleast 5pm, late on workshop and events nights.
    A. Theremaybeoccasionswhentheshophastoshut,inallinstanceswewillattemptto contact all tenants to inform them in advance. We will do all we can to try andensure that this does not happen.

6. Marketing the shop, hosting events and ensuring that customers are in the shop to

browse the products.


*sales are paid back to artists minus any card transaction fees (fees are worked out at 2.7% per transaction)