The 7 Benefits of Learning to Crochet

Did you know that there are some amazing benefits of crochet?

According to there are 7 benefits of being able to crochet.

1) Crochet helps with Insomnia; the repetitive rhythm is so soothing that it helps calm the mind making you sleep ready

2) Crochet reduces stress and anxiety; taking some time for yourself each day to be creative and take your mind off those things that cause your stress

3) Crochet eases depression; going something you like releases a chemical called dopamine, this effects our emotions and can help make us feel better

4) Crochet reduces the risk of Alzheimers; yes, this is true and it can help reduce it by up to 50%

5) Crochet builds self esteem; the achievement in overcoming a challenge and making something becautiful makes us feel proud of ourselves

6) Crochet classes and clubs are like group therapy; we know this so well and have an amazing weekly craft club where we talk about everything under the sun, whilst working on projects and learning new skills. For more information on our Craft Club head to the website. 

7) Crochet gives you control; You pick the yarn, the hooks, the patterns the design. You make the things you love to make

To read the full article including links to youtube videos on crochet and stress head to the website

Learn to Crochet

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