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Submitting an article

Email The Craft Collective to submit an article to The Craft Collective.

Articles can be about anything you want. You can showcase a product you have been working on, or write about what it is like to be a self employed crafter. The choice is yours.

Please ensure that you include any photos you wish to be included in the article, each article is permitted to include up to four photos.

Please also include in your email to us any links to your website or social media page for us to include.

Please also state if you wish to be included in our Contributors page.

We will not edit your work, but we will check its content is appropriate before publishing, and we may change any spelling or grammar mistakes. If there is something we are unhappy about we will contact you and ask for your permission to change or if you wish to change it yourself.

Articles are currently published weekly on a Monday.

You will not be notified which week your article is going to be published please keep checking the site.