100 Houses Redruth

In 2019 I decided to take part in an Instagram challenge called 100 days. It was a challenge that you set for yourself to create something every day for 100 days. Everyone said it was really hard to finish it and I thought, well I love a challenge! So I decided that I would paint a different house in Redruth every day for 100 days.

I had been watercolour painting for a couple of years at this point and I was hooked, it had taken over the house, but I didn’t feel like I had any focus with my work, and everything I painted looked like someone else’s style, not mine. What I hoped to gain from painting houses each day was to develop my own style.

What I created was a beautiful snapshot of the colours of Redruth, the muted greys and browns of the old miners cottages, the large luxury of the houses on Clinton Road and the Spanish influences in buildings on green lane.

100 houses was never created with the intention to become anything more than some tiny 3 inch paintings in a book but it took over and became cards, prints and a tea towel.

The original work hung on the walls of The Craft Collective for the months of 2020 we were open and is now safely packed away in an air tight box in the hope that the work won’t fade or be damaged. But you can still buy prints and tea towels from the shop and online.

Top tips for getting ready for Christmas!

Yes, It might still be October, but as the penultimate pay day before Christmas approaches for many of us it is time to start making some plans.

For me we are hoping for a brilliant family Christmas so there is a lot to prepare for.



Sleeping arrangements

Wet day activities

Dry day activities

So I thought I would share some of my top tips for being prepared for Christmas.

Keep it simple

Every year I see food blogs and tv shows showing me how to spend 4 hours making beautiful breads and cakes that look divine, and takes ages and cost money. So my motto is keep it simple with food. I buy my Christmas cake from a  local bakery, I get amazing artisan bread from Baker Toms, (they do stollen too!!!) I order my turkey from the Butchers and my pigs in blankets and my boxing day ham! And my veg box form the farmers market just outside the village. It’s brilliant, its quick and it’s simple.

Shop Local


This is a biggie, shopping local this year is going to be even more important as so many products may end up in short supply, stuck at customs or costing more money than before. Shops like The Craft Collective support over 60 different local artists and makers and have a huge variety of amazing products in store. From stunning silver jewellery and gorgeous ceramics, artisan soaps and candles, and much much more that you just wouldn’t find in a traditional shop, it’s more than worth  visit. Not only are you supporting a high street business and the 60 micro businesses inside but your keeping your carbon footprint low as the products are UK created so the supply chain is short and better for the environment.

A trip to the woods

Take a visit to Tehidy Woods, Portreath, Cornwall over the festive period and enjoy an immersive wonderland walk through the woodlands as the performers of the Rogue Theatre perform around you. Ending in the tent with old man winter, a hot chocolate and a wonderful magical play.

Tickets aren’t yet on sale but keep your eyes on their website for full details. It really is one not to miss.

We took our nephew niece and friends kids last year and it was a great way to spend some festive time together and we loved it just as much as the kids did.

Remember to wear your wellies, coats, scarves and gloves as it gets a little chilli.

Craft day

Plan in a fabulous craft day for the whole family. Book a session at a local pottery Painting cafe like starglazers in Falmouth. Where you can even order a paint at home kit!

So here’s to hoping you all have a super 2021 Christmas and remember! . Keep it simple and shop local!