How to make a bangle

Author Sinead O’Connor, Sinead’s Silver Design

A Step by Step Guide to Making Bangle’s

Cut a strip of metal wire, If they have a bangle that fits them, measure the inside diameter. The length of the strip of wire needs to be (pi x diameter)+ twice the wire width.
Screen Shot 1
If you want a flat bangle, roll it through a mill before you form a D-shape and      solder. If you want a hammered effect form a D shape, flux the join and solder.
Quench and put the bangle in the pickle to remove firescale. Wash the pickle off the bangle and shape on a bangle mandrel with a hide mallet. (I buy my madrels and tribles from Proops Brothers on eBay.)
Screen Shot 2
Once shaped file the solder join until it is smooth.
Screen Shot 3
Sand the bangle with sandpaper that is gradually getting finer to remove the filing marks.
Screen Shot 4
If you want to add a textured effect to the bangle you will need to anneal (heat until it glows) to soften the metal again as it will have harden slightly with shaping. I allow the piece to cool on the soldering mat, as quenching will harden it slightly, before I pickle.
Using the bangle mandrel, select your planishing hammer.
Screen Shot 5
Once you have the effect you want either polish by hand or put in a tumbler.
Screen Shot 6
Remember if it weighs over 7.78g in Silver you need to get it hallmarked before you can sell it.
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