Interview with the Creator – Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy was holidaying in Cornwall in the summer of 2016, and she happened to be in Redruth perusing the shops when she saw a sign in the window of what was to become The Craft Collective. Shannon is based in Huddersfield and having studied Fashion and textiles, she started up Made by Shannon in her spare bedroom and brought her witty and brilliant sense of humour to cards, coasters, zip bags, make up bags, notebooks and much more.

Describe your typical working day

I work mainly from home. I will start the morning answering any emails and writing my list of jobs to do and then spend the day cutting fabric, sewing or painting.
Some evenings are spent watching my favourite programs on the sofa, while packaging greetings cards.


What inspires you?


How did you get started with art/craft

I have always been a creative person. When I was young my mum would buy me mounds of art and craft supplies and I would spend hours at the table sticking and gluing.
I studied fashion and textiles at collage and then did one and a half years at Manchester Metropolitan University studying fashion design. I left because it wasn’t for me, however taking this route has taught me my sewing skills and how to work out patterns.

What made you start your own business

After leaving university I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I left without a plan.
In my student house we had a tiny room, not even big enough for a bed. So I claimed it and set up my sewing machine.
After 6 months of working in retail, I began to start sewing again and looking through all my sewing books for inspiration. After making a wide selection of products I realised I could start selling what I made and my business started.


What is the biggest lesson you have learnt

To seek help wherever you can find it. Other people have been there and done it and the information and help can be invaluable.

when did you get started?

July 2015. My business is still a baby and I have a long way to go but I feel I have achieved some great things in that time.

What three things would you go back and tell yourself?

•Your work will constantly change, but thats ok.
•Ask people any questions, they can only say no.
•Be patient, starting a business takes time and you will never know everything.

What has been your biggest achievement in your business

I share a studio in Manchester Craft and Design Centre – Manchester, with a lovely lady called Jessica, she owns her own textile business, Fibre. She approached me after seeing my work online and asked if I would work from the shop 2 days a week and sell my products in there. Little did she know it had been a dream of mine for some time and I jumped at the chance.


What is your favourite thing to create?

I love making cat brooches. I love to sit and create their fur colour, their faces and give them each a personality.


Where do you see the future of your business going?

Long term I would love to have my own little gift shop and sell my products and a small selection from other small businesses.
For now, I am sure my business will change and grow in whatever direction it takes me. Hopefully some wonderful doors will open!

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