Becky Mclean – Bumblebee Home Treasures

Featured Crafter Becky Mclean is the designer and creator of Bumblebee Home Treasures, making beautifully crafted cushions and decorations for your home.
As a child Becky was taught to sew by her mother and has always been creative since being a child. The owl was the first creation she made as an adult and it was the one that made her business soar
Becky began making soft owl decorations for her own entertainment, and when family and friends saw her creations they all began asking for one. Soon she was inundated with orders for her creations and pushed and backed by family members and friends she started her Facebook page and opened her self for business.
Almost two years later Becky has over 3000 Facebook fans and has created hundreds of orders and when you look at her products its really easy to see why.

Best Seller

Owls are and Becky guess always will be her best seller, she makes them in all sorts of styles and some of her custom orders have been brilliant fun to recreate. She was once asked to make a Police Owl for a Police Officer, including full replica police uniform and police ID number.

“This one as you can see is personalised on the back. Custom made as a super special gift.
I am really proud of this one, mostly because I know how much it means to not only the lady who ordered it but also the person who it was for loves it too!
I have been making lots of officer owls lately. Its so nice to think that all these owls are going to the actual police force! They work tirelessly for us all. The least I can do is make sure when I make these owls I get the uniforms right lol!”

Favorite Make

Becky’s favourite make was a customer order for some Gothic Foxes

“A customer asked me to make these for her and I just really wasn’t sure I could pull it off!
I have to say I love these and I really wanted to keep them for myself, especially the girl fox!
A ton of detail in these an out of both of them the girl took me the longest with all the masses of layers in her skirt!
Lots of lace and lots of black on these two!
Oh and tons and tons of fun designing them!”

Our Favourite Make

Here at The Craft Collective we adore Becky’s Penguins; here she has made some for mothers days with a little hat and hand bag.
Becky told me that the inspiration for the Penguins came after a day out at Longleaf Safari where she had the most wonderful experience of walking with the Penguins.
We most like the Mother’s day Penguin with her little hat and handbag!

“This little lady is rather special! She’s ready for summer with her beautiful hat on with that all important flower with the pearl in the centre! What lady wouldn’t be complete without a stunning handbag?”

To find out more about Becky and her brilliant products head to her Facebook Page.

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