Craft Project: Knitted Poppy

With Remembrance Sunday close and in many of our thoughts why not knit your own this year. You can wear your knitted poppy with pride and even make them for friends and family and donate the money with your local poppy seller


  • Red Double Knit Yarn
  • 4mm Knitting Needles
  • Black Button
  • Brooch Back
  • Wool Needle


  • K = knit
  • P = Purl
  • SS1K1PSSO = slip stitch 1 stich, knit the next stitch then pass the slipped stitch back over the knit stitch
  • st = Stitch
  • K2TOG = Knit 2 stitches together


Step 1

Cast on 74 st

Step 2

K1, *K4, P4, repeat from * to the last st, P1

Repeat 3 more time

Step 3

K1, *K1, SS1K1PSSO, K1, P4. Repeat from * to last st, P1

K1, *K1, SS1K1PSSO, K1, P3. Repeat from * to last st, P1


Step 4

K1, *K2TOG. Repeat to last st, P1

Repeat once more

Step 5

Cut  a long tail and thread the needle. Run the needle and tail through the st on the knitting needle taking them off the knitting needle.

Pull the thread to gather the centre of the poppy and stitch together to secure.

Using mattress stitch technique sew the edges together

Step 6

Using the red yarn sew the black button into the middle of one side of the poppy

Step 7

Using the red yarn sew the brooch back onto the back of the poppy

Tips: You can use the same tail of yarn to gather the poppy, sew the edge, attached the button and the brooch back.

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