Annie’s Top Christmas Picks

Annie is the owner, founder and manager of The Craft Collective and has been at the helm since it’s opening in 2016. Over the years Annie has become a familiar face to everyone who shops in The Craft Collective and once boasted that she knew the price of every item in the shop… I’m not sure thats true anymore.. but here is Annie with her top picks of the best Handmade gifts Cornwall has to offer.

For Her

Mabel Me Candles £9

Annie Says; These candles by Mabel Me are just gorgeous, the scents are created with essential oils, so each candle had a therapeutic nature to it,  as well as smelling devine.

For Him

Cornerstone Craft Engine House from £25

Annie Says; I really love the tactile nature of these wooden engine houses by Alex of Cornerstone Crafts. All made for local reclaimed wood and created using the natural bark to give each piece an incredibly unique look

Stocking Filler

Lost Post Stamped Rings £6

Annie Says; I have one of these, my nieces and nephews have one of these, and they make the best stocking fillers or all ages with their beautiful hand stamped positive words.

For the Home

Ceramics by Carolin Hanelt from £7

Annie Says; I love all Carolin’s work and could never pick just one item. Her choice of colours based on the Cornish sea is so stunning that might be why I keep buying so much of it.

Art Work

Hudson & Jo Seed Heads £16

Annie Says; Everyone has that gift that they would love to be bought but no one has, this is mind. I love the black wire on the white, it reminds me my own scratchy artwork.. Just stunning.


Jimagination Creations Engine House £4.50

Annie Says; This best selling decoration is perfect to adorn any Cornish persons tree any year. Nadelik Lowen meaning Merry Christmas in Cornish..

Christmas Cards

Danielle Butler £3.50

Annie Says; Whose up for the annual Christmas day/boxing day dip? With so many of them happening go join in and have some fun… or be like me and just buy the card, give it to the cold water swimmer in your lie and then enjoy being warm.