Christmas Sorted for under £100

Everyone is feeling the pinch this Christmas so I set myself a little challenge today in the shop to see if I could get Christmas sorted for under £100 for the average family. Mum, Dad, Granny, Aunty Sal, Sister, Brother and ,of course, the Dog.

We think that there is something for everyone here at The Craft Collective, so let’s see if we’re right.



Silver heart necklace by Kara Kreft

This beautiful silver heart pendant is created by Terri of Kara Kreft using Precious Metal Clay and attached to a silver 18″ chain.



Wooden Engine House by Cornerstone Crafts

Created by the fabulous Alex of Cornerstone Crafts his wooden engine houses are made from reclaimed pieces of local wood, they come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is perfect for that special Christmas gift.



Small Ceramic Jug by Carolin Hanelt

This small ceramic jug is created using the glazes that remind artist Carolin of Cornwall. Its size is perfect for serving afternoon tea, or just enjoying a brew by your self.

Aunty Sal


Stained Glass Christmas Tree by Glintz Glass

Is it even Christmas if you haven’t bought your best Aunty a thoughtful Christmas decoration? Of course its not!



Fearless stamped Cuff by Lost Post

For the fearless person in yourself, or for the person who needs to know they are fearless and can face anything, this beautifully hand stamped piece of jewellery is empowering and adjustable!



Hand Knitted Trainer Socks

Made from 100% cotton, these strong and durable hand knitted socks are just the most perfect gift. In face everyone in my family is getting a pair this year!

The Dog


Cornish Tartan Dog Bandana

We can’t forget mans woman’s best friend now can we. Modelled by my very own shop dog, Springer Spaniel Lenny, who was being coaxed into this with a handful of treats, looks dapper and ready to hit the party season.

So how did we do?

MumSilver Heart Necklace20
DadWooden Engine House20
GrannyCeramic Jug8
AuntieStained glass decoration4
SisterStamped Cuff12
BrotherHand Knitted Socks8
The DogCornish Tartan Bandana10


So with your £14 change why not treat yourself to a coffee and cake and Home Ground Coffee shop next door!

And please remember that while it might seem hard for so many this year to be able to afford Christmas in a way that we are used to, sometimes the best gift is you! And chocolates, yeah probably you and chocolates!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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