Meet the Shop Elves


Jingles Elf is Santa’s right hand Elf. He is in charge of the Naughty or Nice list and making sure that all the elves are working and not getting into too much trouble. He is very sensible, and loves his books and lists a lot. Sometimes the other elves play tricks on him.

Loves: Maple Syrup

Hates: Coffee


Bubbles Elf is our resident potter helping all the amazing ceramic artists create pretty pots, mugs and soap dishes. Sometimes Bubbles make a lot of mess though and he is not very good at cleaning it up.

Loves: Candy Canes

Hates: Making his bed


Pinky Elf is an artist, he loves painting pretty Christmas scenes of trees and presents, he also did some painting in Cornwall on his last holiday before he started work with us. Sometimes he is very cheeky and paints naughty pictures to trick Jingles. 

Loves: Hot Chocolate

Hates: Feeding the reindeer


Twinkle Elf is the best sewer in the North Pole. She loves nothing more than sewing up a new outfit for one of her fellow elves or creating pretty artwork with delicate embroidery stitches, however she often ends up in quite a tangle with her threads.

Loves: Fabric

Hates: Brussel Sprouts


Gumdrop Elf if a wiz at knitting and always has a trusty pair of knitting needles to hand. They adores making clothes but mostly socks. They make so many pairs of socks all the elves get them for Christmas. 

Loves: Knitting magazines

Hates: Missing tea time


Mittens Elf undertakes the most dangerous of jobs. Pyrography. He helps to burn designs onto wood, which often leads to disaster, fire and time in Elf A&E.

Loves: Butter Beer

Hates: Burns


Trixie Elf is in charge of making sure the Elf Sleigh is fully stacked with all the presents for Santa. She takes them from the workshop to Santa ready to depart on Christmas Eve. A very responsible job Trixie takes it very seriously, and is now always careful to not eat toffees in the sleigh after the toffee gate incident. 

Loves: Toffee

Hates: Dark Chocolate


Happy Elf is kindhearted and generous, he just wants to make everyone around him happy. He is also the most clumsy elf and all his endeavours seem to end in disaster. But no matter what predicament he finds himself in he always has a smile on his face. 

Loves: Helping others

Hates: When he electrocutes himself

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